Day 19 – Season of Advent

We look for simple answers. 
They don’t exist.
Nothing is simple - because everything is connected. 
We like to think we are independent.
We are not.
We like to think that we are in control.
We are not.

We like to think that what we do matters.

Ah!  It does. 

We were created with freedom not because we are independent but for the very opposite – because we are all dependent and what each of us does affects all of us.


This is why, two thousand years ago, one was born,
one whose birth, life, and death were the perfect incarnation of a perfect love.
Ripples in the fabric of humanity. 
Exercise your freedom.
Open yourself to God’s transforming love.


Although we may wait,

in this Season of Advent,

to celebrate;

Do not wait, my friends,

to embrace God’s love in your life.

It matters.  And you matter.